H531: Driver’s Education

Monday, 3/25/24:

H531 passed the Senate and was signed by the governor earlier this month.

Wednesday, 3/6/24:

H531 was reported out of Senate Transportation last week and is currently on the 3rd reading calendar in the Senate.

Saturday, 2/24/24:

H531 was reported out of committee on 2/15/24 with a do pass recommendation. It was presented on the House floor on Tuesday and passed 68-2.

Tuesday, 2/13/24:

Rep. Ron Mendive introduced RS 31203 in House Transportation & Defense last Thursday. This bill would allow parents who live in rural areas or in a school district that does not offer driver’s education to teach their own children how to drive. A similar bill passed the Legislature last year, but was vetoed by Gov. Brad Little. This bill narrows the scope to only those who do not have a driver’s ed class available.

The bill was introduced and printed as H531, and awaits a full hearing.

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