H599: Banning Ballot Harvesting

Friday, 4/5/24:

The Senate passed H599 in a flurry of last minute activity on Wednesday evening. It awaits the governor’s signature.

Friday, 3/29/24:

Sen. Treg Bernt presented H599 in Senate State Affairs this morning. It passed on a party line vote and heads to the Senate floor.

Monday, 3/11/24:

H599 passed the House this morning on a party line vote 58-11-1. Read my live thread here.

Wednesday, 3/6/24:

Rep. Brandon Mitchell introduced House Bill 599 in the House State Affairs committee this morning. This bill would criminalize so-called ballot harvesting, where campaign workers collect mail-in ballots from voters and deposit them in drop boxes or post boxes. The Secretary of State testified in support, while some people testified against saying it would criminalize helping their elderly neighbors. The Democrats on the committee, Reps. John Gannon and Todd Achilles, had some concerns about the definition of caregiver in the bill and if this would stop people from acting in good faith to help

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