H668: No Public Funds for Gender Transition

Friday, 3/29/24:

The governor signed H668 earlier this week.

Friday, 3/22/24:

H668 finally came to a vote in the Senate today. It brought about some vehement debate, with Sens. Abby Lee and Melissa Wintrow objecting when Sen. Brian Lenney said it was never medically necessary to cut off children’s genitals. The bill passed 26-8-1, with Lee joining the Democrats in opposition.

Sunday, 3/17/24:

Senate State Affairs passed H668 after a lot of testimony against it from the LGBTQ+ community. It will be on the 3rd reading calendar this week.

Monday, 3/11/24:

The House unanimously suspended the rules to pull H668 off the 2nd reading calendar for an immediate vote this afternoon. It passed by party line.

Saturday, 3/9/24:

Rep. Julianne Young introduced the latest version of this bill on Thursday. It was originally printed as H520, but is now House Bill 668. This would prohibit public funds to be used for gender transition, whether via Medicaid or other public sources. Governor Brad Little instructed the Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare to enact this prohibition last year after signing H71, and this would codify that prohibition into law. LGBTQ+ groups have testified against this bill. It currently awaits a vote on the House floor.

Idaho Freedom Foundation has rated this bill +2.

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