Invaluable tools for lawmakers, engaged citizens, and voters in general.

2024 Legislation

Every bill printed in the 2024 session will be available at the link above, as well as its current status. Bookmark this page for easy reference to everything happening in the Legislature.

Committee Daily Summary

This is a convenient place to see which committees are meeting in the next day, with direct links to their agendas for streaming or testimony sign-up.

Idaho Session

This website is a great companion to the Chronicle’s own Session Snapshot. Use it to keep up on bills as they pass through the legislative process.

Bill Tracker

Another great resources for keeping up on bills during the 2024 session.

Legislature Media Archive

The Digital Media Archive contains video records of both chambers of the Legislature as well as every committee hearing.

Idaho Freedom Index

The Freedom Index remains the gold standard legislative scorecard, rating bills based on twelve transparent metrics. Lawmakers create their own scores with the way in which they vote.

Email Idaho

Quickly send a message to your legislators, specific committees, the entire Legislature, or elected state officers. Amazing tool.

Legislator Scores

Think Liberty Idaho has a useful page that shows you each legislator and their scores from numerous organizations all in one place.

Sunshine Report

All candidates and PACs are required to report donations and spending to the Secretary of State’s office. Use this to see where money is going in Idaho politics.

Idaho LLC Lookup

Political nonprofits aren’t required to report donations but it is still valuable to know who is on their boards of directors and when they were created.

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