H613: Bans Advertising Illegal Products

Monday, 3/25/24:

Sen. Chris Trakel presented H613 in the Senate, where it was narrowly defeated. A new RS was introduced this morning that is more narrowly tailored.

Monday, 3/11/24:

The House unanimously suspended the rules to pull H613 off the 2nd reading calendar for an immediate vote, then passed it 47-22-1.

Saturday, 3/9/24:

Rep. Judy Boyle introduced House Bill 613 to ban the advertising of illegal products and services, such as marijuana and abortion. This is an update to H495. The Ways and Means Committee sent the bill to the amending order, but it was reported out without amendment and is awaiting the 3rd reading calendar in the House.

Idaho Freedom Foundation has rated H613 -2.

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