H417: State Agencies Must Accept Cash

Monday, 3/25/24:

Governor Brad Little signed H417 into law on 3/14/24.

Wednesday, 3/6/24:

The Senate passed H417 30-4-1 yesterday, sending this bill to the governor’s desk.

Wednesday, 2/21/24:

Rep. Scott presented H417 to Senate State Affairs this morning. Sen. Treg Bernt expressed concern about public colleges having to accept cash, and Sen. Melissa Wintrow worried that people would pay their tax bills with barrels of pennies. Nevertheless the bill passed out of committee and will be heard on the Senate floor.

Tuesday, 2/13/24:

Rep. Heather Scott introduced H417 last month. This bill would require state agencies to always accept payments in cash. It passed out of House State Affairs last Thursday and reached the House 3rd reading on Monday. Despite some debate in opposition, it passed 46-23-1 and heads to the Senate.

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