H448: Harmful Materials on the Web

Monday, 3/25/24:

H498 passed the Senate unanimously and was signed by the governor last week.

Wednesday, 3/6/24:

H498 has been reported out of Senate State Affairs with a do pass recommendation and is currently on the 3rd reading calendar in the Senate.

Wednesday, 2/14/24:

H498 passed the House unanimously, with three legislators absent.

Tuesday, 2/13/24:

Reps. Elaine Price and Julianne Young presented H498 in House State Affairs yesterday morning, and the committee voted to send it to the floor with a do pass recommendation.

Sunday, 2/11/24:

H498 has been rated -1 by the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

Wednesday, 2/7/24:

Rep. Price reintroduced this bill as RS 31196 this morning in House State Affairs. The bill has now been printed as H498.

Friday, 2/2/24:

H448 was held at the desk yesterday morning, rather than being assigned to a committee. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 1/31/24:

The RS was printed as House Bill 448 and awaits a hearing.

Tuesday 1/30/24:

Reps. Elaine Price and Julianne Young introduced RS 31118 in House State Affairs this morning. This appears to be an alternative to S1253, but instead of penalizing device manufacturers, it would create a private cause of action against websites that allow minors to view harmful materials without verifying their ages.

The committee approved the bill and it will be printed soon.

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