• Co-hosting Freedom Bros – 4/4/24
    On Thursday night I joined Dustin Hurst to talk with legislative candidates Kelly Golden and Jarome Bell. Golden’s internet connection had some issues, and I joined late due to the ACRCC meeting that night, but we still had a great discussion. This one was Rumble and X exclusive, so click to watch the video:
  • Co-hosting Freedom Bros – 3/28/24
    On Thursday evening I joined Greg Pruett and Dustin Hurst to speak to two legislative challengers. Bryan Sholz is challenging Sen. Dave Lent in District 33 while Spencer Hutchings is running against Rep. Mark Sauter in District 1. Watch the whole episode here:
  • Interview on Idaho Signal – 3/26/24
    On Tuesday I joined Matt Edwards of Citizen’s Alliance of Idaho once more on the Idaho Signal program to look back at the legislative session that is coming to a close. Watch the whole thing here, and make sure to visit idahosignal.com to support that great program.
  • Interview on Idaho Signal – 3/19/14
    On Tuesday, I joined Matt Edwards of Citizen’s Alliance of Idaho on the daily Idaho Signal program. I discussed a recent appropriations bill that passed out of JFAC which not only spends hundreds of millions of dollars, but funds a Biden Administration initiative to give EBT cards to families to buy food during the summer.
  • Co-hosting Freedom Bros – 3/15/24
    On Friday evening, Dustin Hurst and I ran down the list of candidates who officially filed for the Idaho State Legislature.
  • Co-hosting Freedom Bros – 3/7/24
    On Thursday night I hosted Freedom Bros solo and talked with former representative Karey Hanks, who is challenging Rep. Rod Furniss in District 31. We talked about her background, her legislative experience, and what she hopes to see in the future. It was a great conversation, so I hope you’ll check it out:
  • Interview on Idaho Signal – 3/4/24
    I once again joined Matt of Citizen’s Alliance for Idaho Signal, this time talking about my experience as a caucus captain.
  • Co-hosting Freedom Bros – 2/29/24
    Thursday night I once again joined Dustin Hurst on Freedom Bros. We spoke with Ronnie Knittel, candidate for Gem County Sheriff, and discussed the smear campaign against Idaho GOP chairwoman Dorothy Moon and the caucus as well as the defeat of Sen. Brian Lenney’s anti-SLAPP bill on the Senate floor. Watch the whole thing here,… Read more: Co-hosting Freedom Bros – 2/29/24
  • Testimony on HJM8
    I testified in favor of HJM8 this morning. I asked whether the purpose of our government was to supply a permanent class of indentured servants to big businesses, or to protect the life, liberty, and property of the American people.
  • Interview on Idaho Signal – 2/27/24
    I joined Matt Edwards on Idaho Signal today to discuss the appointment of Todd Achilles to the House representing District 16 and his connection to an organization blasting Dorothy Moon and the Idaho GOP over the upcoming caucus. Catch the whole thing, including Blaine Conzatti of the Idaho Family Policy Center, and make sure to… Read more: Interview on Idaho Signal – 2/27/24
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