Thursday, 2/29/24:

Sen. Lenney presented S1325 on the Senate floor today, where it was defeated 15-20.

Monday, 2/26/24:

Sen. Brian Lenney introduced S1325 in the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee this afternoon. Nearly all who signed up to testify supported the bill, including representatives from the Commission on Uniform State Laws. Several senators expressed concern with the legal language, but it passed on a voice vote and heads to the Senate floor. Check out my live tweet thread here for the details.

Tuesday, 2/13/24:

Sen. Brian Lenney introduced this bill which allows defense attorneys to file a motion to dismiss certain lawsuits. SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, and refers to suits that are filed to shut down free speech or penalize a person for engaging in such. This bill would allow judges to dismiss suits that fall under that definition before the defendant has to spend a lot of time and money defending his or her good name.

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