House Joint Memorial 11: Immigration Enforcement

Monday, 3/11/24:

Rep. Hawkins presented a slightly altered version of HJM 8 in committee last week, which was printed as HJM 11 and sent to the House floor. Today, after much debate, the House failed to pass HJM 11 on a tie vote. Read my live thread here.

Thursday, 2/29/24:

Rep. Hawkins presented HJM8 in House State Affairs yesterday. It brought a lot of testimony from agricultural industry lobbyists who took offense to the way the memorial accuses businesses of having a “thirst” for cheap labor. To catch up on all the testimony, check out my live thread on X.

Watch my own testimony on HJM8 here.

The memorial passed committee on what sounded to me a fairly close voice vote and will be read on the House floor soon.

Monday, 2/19/24:

Rep. Dale Hawkins introduced House Joint Memorial 8 in House State Affairs on Thursday. This would call upon the federal government to enforce existing immigration law and call out the Biden Administration for deliberately ignoring it. It awaits a full hearing in State Affairs.

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