H464: Border Security Compact

Tuesday, 2/27/24:

H464 passed the House this morning 48-20-2.

Thursday, 2/22/24:

Rep. Wisniewski presented H464 in House State Affairs this morning. Sen. Tammy Nichols testified in favor, drawing on her experience on the southern border last year. The ACLU testified against, concerned about the effect of calling people “illegal” and “invaders”. Rep. Gannon was concerned about a clause calling for increased security on the northern border, while Rep. Julianne Young was concerned with the constitutionality as well as the additional authority this grants the governor. Nevertheless it passed easily, heading to the House floor.

Friday, 2/2/24:

Thursday morning, Rep. Tony Wisniewski introduced RS 31090, which would authorize the governor to enter into a formal compact with other states to protect and defend our international borders. This would allow Idaho to assist Texas in their efforts to secure the border despite federal interference.

Rep. John Gannon pushed back slightly, asking if this bill would comport with the constitutional barrier to states forming compacts with each other. Rep. Wisniewski pointed out that there is an exception for times of invasion, as is clearly happening now.

The committee approved the bill and it was printed as House Bill 464.

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