S1220: Domestic Terrorism

Friday, 1/26/24:

Sen. Kelly Anthon introduced this bill way back at the beginning of the session. This bill would clarify the definition of “domestic terrorist” to be someone who has received material support from a foreign terrorist organization. The purpose seems to be to push back against the way in which the federal government labeled concerned parents at school boards “domestic terrorists.”

S1220 passed out of Senate State Affairs on Friday, January 19, and was debated on the floor last Thursday. Sen. Anthon insisted that Americans have the right to say things that others don’t like, and also have the right of due process when accused of a crime. He said that the term “domestic terrorist” has been used to abridge the constitutional rights of American citizens, even Idahoans.

Several Democrats debated against the bill, and it passed on a party line vote 27-8. It awaits a hearing in the House Judiciary, Rules, & Administration Committee.

Idaho Freedom Foundation has rated S1220 0, or neutral.

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