H415: Concealed Weapons at School

Wednesday, 1/31/24:

After nearly two hours of debate, the House voted 53-16-1 to pass H415. It now heads the the Senate. Click here to read my live thread on Twitter from the House gallery.

Wednesday, 1/24/24:

Update: H415 passed House State Affairs and will be sent to the House floor.

Rep. Hill introduced H415 in House State Affairs Wednesday morning. Follow my live tweets here.

Idaho Freedom Foundation has rated H415 +2.

Monday, 1/22/24:

Rep. Ted Hill introduced RS 30954, which would remove “Gun Free Zone” signs from K-12 public schools and allow enhanced permit holders to carry concealed on school grounds. He alluded to the Uvalde school shooting, where police were delayed in responding, to demonstrate the need for school staff to be armed. The committee approved the RS and it will be printed and numbered shortly.

RS 30954 is now House Bill 415.

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