H493: Prohibiting Mask Mandates

Friday, 2/16/24:

H493 passed the House 46-24 and heads to the Senate.

Wednesday, 2/14/24:

Update: H493 passes out of committee unanimously and will head to the floor.

Rep. Jacyn Gallagher and Sen. Brian Lenney presented H493 in House State Affairs this morning. Click here to follow my live thread.

Sunday, 2/11/24:

H493 has been rated +3 by the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

Wednesday, 2/7/24:

The new RS went through some minor modifications and was printed today as House Bill 493.

Monday, 2/5/24:

Rep. Gallagher reintroduced this bill in House State Affairs this morning as RS 31058. The committee approved the bill with two minor wording changes and it will be printed with a new number shortly.

Thursday, 1/18/24:

IFF has rated H396 +4.

Tuesday, 1/16/23:

Rep. Jacyn Gallagher introduced a bill to ban mask mandates at any level of government. It was approved by House State Affairs and will be printed.

RS 30909 has been printed and assigned as House Bill 396.

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