H525: Health District Authority

Tuesday, 3/12/24:

Sen. Brian Lenney presented H525 to the Senate Health & Welfare Committee this afternoon. Numerous people testified in favor of the bill, with no testimony against, however the committee deadlocked 3-3 on a motion to send to the floor, so the bill is dead. Sen. Abby Lee joined with Democratic Sens. Melissa Wintrow and Ron Taylor in voting no. Check out my live thread here.

Monday, 2/26/24:

The House debated H525 this morning, passing it overwhelmingly.

Tuesday, 2/20/24:

Rep. Gallagher presented H525 to House Health & Welfare this morning, where it was approved and sent to the floor with a do pass recommendation.

Tuesday, 2/13/24:

Rep. Jacyn Gallagher reintroduced this bill as RS 31255, adding “preventative measures” back to the list of health district mandates. It was approved and printed as H525 and awaits a new hearing in House Health & Welfare.

Tuesday, 2/6/24:

Update: After some debate, H392 was sent by the committee to the House amending order. Several representatives were concerned with the way in which the bill removed “preventative measures” from health district authority.

Rep. Gallagher is presenting H392 in House Health & Welfare this morning. Follow my live tweets here.

Wednesday, 1/17/24:

H392 has been rated +1 by the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

Tuesday, 1/16/24:

RS 30865 has been printed and assigned as House Bill 392.

Monday, 1/15/24:

Rep. Jacyn Gallagher introduced RS 30865, which changes wording in Idaho code to limit the authority of state health districts. Despite some skepticism from committee Democrats, the RS was approved and will have a bill number soon.

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