HJR 1: Blaine Amendment Repeal

Tuesday, 1/30/24:

Update: After about 45 minutes of discussion and testimony, Rep. Joe Palmer moved to hold HJR1 in committee subject to the call of the chair. The motion passed, so we should see this back again with minor changed soon.

Rep. Price is currently presenting HJR1 in House State Affairs. Click here to follow my live tweets.

Thursday, 1/11/24:

Rep. Elaine Price has introduced House Joint Memorial 1 which would put a constitutional amendment before the voters to repeal the so-called Blaine Amendment. This portion of the Idaho Constitution prohibits public funds from being used for sectarian education, such as religious private schools. The US Supreme Court has already held this to be unconstitutional, so this amendment would bring Idaho’s constitution in line with federal law.

Sen. Brian Lenney will carry the bill on the Senate side, should this resolution pass the House. Repealing the Blaine Amendment has been one of his priorities since he was elected in 2022.

It will take a 2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate to place this amendment on the ballot in November 2024.

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