H421: Defining Gender

Wednesday, 4/10/24:

H421 was signed into law.

Friday, 4/5/24:

The Senate passed H421 on the last regular day of the session this week. It awaits the governor’s signature.

Friday, 3/29/24:

H421 passed out of Senate State Affairs on a 5-4 vote this morning. Sens. Winder, Anthon, Harris, Guthrie, and Toews voted aye; Lee, Bernt, Wintrow, and Shea (substitute for Sen. James Ruchti) voted nay.

Wednesday, 2/7/24:

This morning the House passed H421 54-14-2.

Wednesday, 1/31/24:

Update: House State Affairs voted on party lines to send H421 to the floor with a do pass recommendation.

Rep. Julianne Young introduced a bill on Tuesday the 23rd that would define the words “male” and “female” in Idaho statute. The committee agreed to print the bill, and it became House Bill 421.

Idaho Freedom Foundation rated H421 +2.

H421 was debated before House State Affairs this morning. Follow my live tweets here.

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