Monday, 3/25/24:

H575 passed the Senate unanimously and was signed by the governor last week.

Monday, 3/4/24:

I lost track of this one for a while. The RS was printed as H575 and sailed through House State Affairs. The House passed the bill unanimously last Tuesday. It was presented in Senate State Affairs this morning and passed unanimously.

Wednesday, 2/6/24:

Rep. Young reintroduced this bill as RS 31194, noting that Rep. John Gannon is a cosponsor. The committee voted to introduce the bill.

Wednesday, 1/17/24:

H391 has been rated 0 by the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

Friday, 1/12/24:

Rep. Julianne Young introduced RS 30859 in House Judiciary & Rules on Thursday, and it was approved and assigned number H381 this morning. This bill would criminalize the creation of deep fake porn of real people for the purpose of harassing them in some manner.

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