Another busy week has come to a close. Echoes of the primary election still linger while the state convention is just over the horizon. I’m wiped out after several long nights this week, but I will continue bringing all the news and analysis I can as our nation continues sailing into uncharted waters.

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This week at the Chronicle…

On Monday I republished last year’s essay on the meaning of Memorial Day, which drew from a speech by Civil War veteran and future Supreme Court justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. I didn’t feel like I could say it any better.

Speaking of Supreme Court justices, on Tuesday I wrote about the ginned-up controversy over Samuel Alito’s Pine Tree Flag. Leftists want to redefine the flag as a symbol of far right extremism but in truth it is an enduring sigil of the principles upon which our nation was founded.

On Wednesday I explained how the Gem State Conservatives were planning to take control of county and district committees, despite not having the majority of PC seats they were hoping to win. Thankfully, conservatives held the line in Ada County, winning all nine officer elections.

Finally, yesterday I reacted to the news that Donald Trump was found guilty of… something… by a New York jury. Anyone claiming to be on the right who does not recognize what time it is in our Republic is doing the cause of liberty more harm than good.

In other news…

Auron MacIntyre always makes good videos and this week was no exception. On Wednesday he looked at what we can do about the public school system. Ending it is not an option, but neither is continuing to pour money into it with no structural changes or reforms. The whole video is well worth your time, especially as we prepare for another debate over school choice in Idaho next year:

A British YouTuber called Morgoth often posts interesting videos analyzing the cross section of politics and pop culture. Earlier today he talked about Alex Garland’s recent film Civil War, which despite not explicitly assigning roles to current political figures, still used leftist tropes to clearly identify who is good and who is bad. It’s an interesting look at how media shapes our worldview, and is only 15 minutes long:

Earlier this week, the embattled Idaho Department of Health and Welfare hosted a three day conference in Boise to examine our state’s health priorities. I attended several of the sessions myself and came away believing the purpose of the event was to build demand for more government programs and spending. Niklas Kleinworth, policy director at the Idaho Freedom Foundation, also attended, and shared his experiences on this week’s Fiscal Fridays program:

Finally, if you haven’t heard the moth joke as delivered by the late Norm MacDonald, you’re missing out:

Upcoming events…

The Idaho Republican State Convention is coming up in less than two weeks. If you’re a delegate, you should have already registered, but guests are welcome too. The cost for delegates, alternates, and guests is the same — $25 — plus $20 for lunches on Friday and Saturday. Seats at the Friday night gala featuring Kari Lake start at $125. Learn more and register at the Idaho GOP website.

On a personal note, I’m honored to have been elected chairman of the District 14 Republican Central Committee on Thursday night. I have served that committee for two years as secretary alongside Steven Thayn, outgoing chairman and former state senator from Emmett. I’m looking forward to continuing to serve for the next two years and to promote conservative principles in Eagle and Gem County. If you’re in LD14 and have any questions or want to get involved, feel free to contact me anytime!

Thank you all for your support as I continue to bring you news and analysis that empowers you to make positive change in Idaho. Make sure to subscribe, follow me on Twitter, and follow the Chronicle on Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, and Rumble. Have a great weekend!

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