PRESS RELEASE: Senator C. Scott Grow Announces Bid for Idaho Senate Pro Tempore

This is a time for strong, effective leadership in the Idaho Senate. Leadership must be accessible, engaged and willing to effect change that would benefit the citizens of the great state of Idaho. In recent years, I have proven my willingness and ability to work collaboratively with all legislators to challenge the status quo and to find the best solutions for the state. I commit to be honest, fair, and transparent and to find ways to bridge the gap in our political climate. My record demonstrates that I get things accomplished, and that I am an effective leader.

As I approach my 5th term as Senator, I have garnered experience serving on the Judiciary Rules Committee, the Senate Local Government and Taxation Committee, the Senate Finance Committee and the Joint Finance and Appropriations Committee. Needless to say, my knowledge of the Idaho budget and budgeting process is thorough.

My 30 years as a CPA and small business owner have proven invaluable as I tackle issues regarding fiduciary responsibility and the challenges that face small businesses.

Finally, I have worked to bridge differences in our political parties that have allowed us to make the budgeting process more transparent, to pass an Idaho Transportation Budget that conserves resources, and that allowed me the opportunity to spearhead HB292 as the chief sponsor on the Senate side, giving homeowners much needed property tax relief in these turbulent times.

For questions or interview requests, please contact my representative, Whitne Strain. Contact information below.

Hawk Media Consulting, LLC
Eagle, Idaho
Whitne Strain, Owner
Phone/text: (208) 991-3884

C. Scott Grow has served four terms in the Senate and is currently the co-chair of the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee

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