Thank you to everyone who participated in my first ever reader survey last week. More than two hundred subscribers answered a series of questions about politics and demographics. While this is not a scientifically weighted sample, it does give me a snapshot of who is the most engaged with this platform.

A large plurality of you said you have lived in Idaho 3-10 years. That tracks with my gut feeling whenever I’m at meetings or events. I’m included in that category, having moved here nearly six years ago from western Washington.

Many people who have become politically engaged in the past few years are those who moved here from blue states, and recognize the early stages of that cursed road here.

25% have lived here between 11-30 years, so that means a strong majority moved here within the last generation.

Hello to the 7% who live outside of Idaho. I appreciate your support too!

Most people who read the Chronicle know all their legislators, which is to be expected. I’m planning some sort of voter guide for the May primary, listing all 105 legislative races and each candidate who files. Knowledge is power!

A vast majority of respondents have not ever testified in committee. It’s a good experience, you should try it. I suggest finding one or two topics that are both very important to you and in which you have a unique perspective or experience, and sign up. This year I testified on two different library bills, since as a trustee I felt I had something to say.

You have to pay close attention because committee agendas can change quickly. The good news is that most committees allow remote testimony, so you can sign up and do it from your home or your office (depending on your workplace rules, of course).

This one is not surprising to me. My readers are more conservative than the median Republican in Idaho. However, it tells me I need to continue to craft messages that reach outside that bubble. Echo chambers don’t move the needle.

Also unsurprising, but it shows that Bundy did not pick up every McGeachin and Humphreys voter. I know many Republicans who otherwise agreed with him but were put off by the many controversial events in which he took part. It would be fascinating to do a real scientific poll to find out what other positions correlate with support for Bundy.

It’s interesting that 7% of respondents voted for Gov. Little, but only 1% want him to run for a third term. Raúl Labrador is clearly popular, but I got some feedback from folks who want him to continue serving as attorney general. It would be interesting to know if the 22% who answered “someone else” have anyone specific in mind.

Just like in Nevada, Nikki Haley lost to “none of the above”.

This one is interesting to me as well. Despite all the talk about fentanyl and other drugs, crime came in last. Now clearly this is perhaps the most vague question, and different people will have different ideas about what tax relief, education reform, and traditional values mean. Still, it gives me an idea of where your heads and hearts are at.

I accidentally voted for this when I was trying to check results. I’m looking into the best way to create more video content, so stay tuned.

I’ll get back to making more podcasts!

This is good feedback. Sometimes when I get on a fascinating subject I like to explore every facet of an idea, which can lead to long articles. I’ll try to keep them under 1,000 words!

I’m still trying to find my niche between objective reporting and analysis based on my own conservative principles. I’d like to be able to do both, but clearly indicate which is which.

As I said above I’m planning a voter guide. Should I present it purely objectively, or make endorsements or recommendations? If you’re an informed conservative, then most every race is going to have an obvious choice, save one or two.

I would love to create a $5 tier, but I struggle with figuring out how to offer something special at that level without taking away from what current subscribers have. I’m open to ideas!

I imagine a lot of readers are from outside the Treasure Valley, so this makes sense. However when I relaunched this platform last fall I promised to do events like Lincoln Day Dinners and such, which I still plan to do once I get a little more cash flow.

Thank you to to everyone for your continued support. If you’re not subscribed, you can do so now for free and get every post in your email box. If you would like to support my work, consider a paid subscription as well. With your support I will continue growing this platform and adding new features, all toward the goal of bringing you more information to help you make a positive difference in Idaho!

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