Tim Pool likes to say that July is MAGA Month, a patriotic American response to June’s debauched celebrations. In that spirit, now is the time to remember what our nation has been, and what it can yet be. It’s time to focus on what really matters for the future of our country rather than the extraneous trappings that have grown up around the American experience.

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This week at the Chronicle…

On Monday, I unpacked the Supreme Court decision to overturn Chevron Deference and looked at why leftists are so freaked out about it. Read it here.

On Tuesday, I wrote a short update about the ongoing investigation into the water issues in eastern Idaho. Read it here.

I celebrated Idaho Day on Wednesday, looking at what makes the Gem State special and where it fits in the history of America. Read it here.

Thursday I mused about what exactly we celebrate on Independence Day. Read it here.

Finally, yesterday I discussed the British election results and pondered what lessons they might have for American conservatives. Read it here.

I also posted a short news article about Cornel Rasor’s Army Surplus store burning down overnight. I included information about how to support Rasor and his family as they figure out what to do next. Read it here.

In other news…

The fight over ranked choice voting will determine the future of our state. The side that has lost nearly every election in the past forty years suddenly wants to change the rules, and toward that end they’re outright lying to Idaho voters about what their initiative will do. Dorothy Moon set the record straight in this week’s editorial. Read it here.

Last weekend I recorded a podcast explaining the difficult position Democrats find themselves in with regards to President Joe Biden. I’ve unlocked it for free subscribers and published it to all the podcast services, so make sure you’re subscribed there. I will have more to say about the implications of this situation next week.

Auron MacIntyre posted a provocative video this week, suggesting that conservatives who still preach “small government” as their top political goal are barking up the wrong tree. Watch the whole thing, then let me know what you think.

Rudyard Lynch posted a good video that eviscerated the economic smoke and mirrors that make up our current society.

Finally, a little bit of levity in the midst of tough subjects. Meet Count Binface of the Count Binface Party, who stood for election in former British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s constituency.

Upcoming events…

One of the many hats I wear is handling communications for the Ronald Reagan Club of West Ada County, a group of conservatives who talk politics at monthly luncheons. This month they will be hosting my own state senator, Scott Grow, who is currently co-chair of JFAC and wants to be Senate President Pro Tempore. Come have an enchilada and hear what he has to say on Tuesday, July 16. You can also subscribe to the Reagan Club Substack to get notified of each monthly event.

Join me next Saturday for Eagle Fun Days, featuring all sorts of exciting activities including the Wet & Wild Parade. I’ll be riding on the District 14 GOP float, so bring your water weapons and take aim. I’m also coordinating the LD14 GOP booth, so if you’re a Republican who wants to volunteer, send me an email.

Thank you all for your support as I continue to bring you news and analysis that empowers you to make positive change in Idaho. Make sure to subscribe, follow me on Twitter, and follow the Chronicle on Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, and Rumble. Have a great weekend!

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