A Response to Jim Jones’ Dehumanizing Rhetoric

By Lynn Bradescu

In response to the written offering of Jim Jones regarding the Open Primary Initiative dated July 3, 2024. Mr. Jones, Police Commissioners, Retired Police Chiefs, Law Enforcement Officers, etc. have moved from California and are asking people like you to ‘wake-up’ because the way of life, that is similar to the way of life in Idaho, 50 years ago is not only gone, but has succumbed to evil.

The term ‘Political refugees’ used by Jim Jones dehumanizes the people who have moved here because their children and grandchildren have been raped or have committed suicide as a byproduct of gender confusion and lack of morals now normalized within the public school system in California.

Yes, the self-sufficiency taught children in Idaho is being eroded in favor of the dependency model being taught children and advocated in California. Because the Open Primary Initiative would allow for the Democrat Party and those Republicans who believe in creating a dependent class within Idaho, to win elections! Jim Jones, the former Attorney General of Idaho 1983-1991, is all for that.

Regarding Jim Jones’s comment about “supposed danger evil librarians pose to the morals of our kids.” This intentional misrepresentation of librarians has nothing to do with the real problem of the content of books being accessible to children. If this man wants his 7-year-old grandson or granddaughter to “kiss Vaginas” or “enjoy a penis like a popsicle”, which is content those books currently available at the library, then just state that you are an advocate for this material being available to children. And that the type of people you want to elect through the Open Primaries Initiative feel the same way.

The mental gymnastics shown by Former Idaho Attorney Jim Jones speaks volumes to his disdain for people who pray in the morning and still ascribe to the values in the Bible that our nation was built on. He believes that acquiescing to evil now will lead to a better tomorrow. “Wake Up Jim Jones!” tomorrow will be just like today in California if you start electing people that believe like you do. Children cutting themselves, killing themselves, having sexual intercourse before the age of ten, are all due to the policies that you and your ilk advocate and will cause to be elected by supporting the Open Primary Initiative!

Your comments about “Dorothy Moon and her Cronies” is slanderous at best and your argument is that since they won and disagree with you and what you want for the children of Idaho, then they should be ousted. This is the exact logic of the Democrat Party except they take it a step further and arrest those that disagree with them. This is exactly why people like you should be held accountable for the damage you are trying to inflict on the children of Idaho through your “Open Primaries Initiative.”

Lynn Bradescu is the chair of the District 19 Republican Party and the president of the Ada County Lincoln Day Association

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