Hello friends. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a week since the last roundup, but here we are. I somehow picked up a case of strep throat a while ago and have been fighting it this week. It’s not been too bad, just somewhat uncomfortable. I’m taking antibiotics now, which required finding a doctor’s office to confirm the infection with a test and then write a prescription. Apparently starting July 1 you can do that right at the pharmacist’s office, which will be convenient next time.

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This week at the Chronicle…

On Monday, I wrote a long article examining the issues with the water supply in the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer. This has been a confusing and contentious issue, so I wanted to try and explain it as best as I could so that we can all have productive discussions about how best to manage this important resource.

On Tuesday, in the wake of Julian Assange’s plea deal that saw him go free for the first time in more than a decade, I looked at what he has done and why some Americans consider him a traitor, but others call him a hero.

On Wednesday, I recapped a small school choice event featuring Corey DeAngelis and considered what solutions we might see in the upcoming legislative session.

On Thursday, I mused about where we are as a constitutional republic and considered some ideas of how to reclaim the principles our Founding Fathers fought and died for.

Finally, on Friday, I caught up on a busy week at the Supreme Court. They delivered some tremendous victories for conservatives, such as overturning Chevron Deference and eviscerating the way in which J6 defendants have been prosecuted. Other issues such as Idaho’s abortion law and government censorship remain as yet undecided.

Earlier today I recorded a podcast looking at the options Democrats have for dealing with President Joe Biden. Paid subscribers have early access, while free subscribers (and non-subscribers, I guess) will have it unlocked in one week.

In other news…

Steve Sailer continues to make the rounds, bringing his common sense approach to looking at the world to a whole new audience. He spoke for nearly two hours with Tucker Carlson last week, but this talk with Auron MacIntyre is perhaps even more interesting despite being shorter:

Speaking of Steve Sailer, the noticer himself posted a collection of his favorite moments from Joe Biden’s long political career on his new Substack. Check it out!

Curtis Yarvin looked back on the debate and what it can teach us about American politics in his own inimitable style. Read it here.

My friends at Money Metals Exchange publish a lot of interesting stuff on their Substack, including this piece looking at the results of decoupling from the gold standard in 1971. Take a look.

Finally, Peachy Keenan is one of the most entertaining writers working today. Her most recent post suggests that radical feminists should not have children. Radical!

Upcoming events…

Head on over to Eagle for the annual Fun Days event the weekend after next featuring all sorts of fun activities. I’ll be riding on the District 14 GOP float, so bring your water weapons and take aim!

Thank you all for your support as I continue to bring you news and analysis that empowers you to make positive change in Idaho. Make sure to subscribe, follow me on Twitter, and follow the Chronicle on Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, and Rumble. Have a great weekend!

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