By the Idaho Freedom Caucus

In Idaho, the real election is in May, not November. By the time you head to the polls in the fall, most races between moderate Republicans and true conservatives have been decided. On Tuesday, May 21, you will have that choice.

In many races, the choice is stark. Will you choose the candidate who votes to grow government, increase spending, and serve big corporations and lobbyists? Or will you choose the candidate who truly believes in small government, cutting spending, and working for the people?

Let’s be honest — Idaho is not the conservative state many think it is. We wish it were, but the Uniparty, an alliance of Democrats and moderate Republicans, runs it. Some Republicans are ideologically Democrats but run as Republicans because that’s the only way to win in many districts.

Party labels alone can’t tell you much about the candidates on your ballot. The “R” next to their names doesn’t stand for “Republican”; it stands for “Research.” To be an informed voter, you must research each candidate and learn who they truly are beyond the labels.

What does this Uniparty stand for?

  • Amnesty for illegal aliens instead of enforcing our existing immigration laws.
  • Rubber-stamping every government budget, which has increased by more than 50% in the last five years.
  • Opposing any attempt to protect children from woke gender ideology.
  • Opposing efforts to increase the security and integrity of our elections.
  • Endlessly expanding the size and scope of government.

On Tuesday, May 21, you have a choice. Research the names on your ballot for the state legislature to discover which candidate stands for freedom, liberty, and the Constitution and which is just another member of the liberal Uniparty. You can check out our substack here for reliable voter guides in your area. If you still aren’t sure who to vote for, call a trusted conservative for recommendations.

Support our Idaho Freedom Caucus members and ask your friends to vote for them.

This election could decide whether Idaho remains free or continues sliding toward California-style totalitarianism. Your vote matters, so vote wisely.


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