The Candidate Interview series continues at the Gem State Chronicle. I recorded another dozen conversations this week and posted the first eight at the Primary Pulse. I’ve created a page that lists every published interview thus far.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of moderating a candidate forum in Emmett for Gem County commissioner and sheriff races. Unfortunately, the incumbents had other plans, but I enjoyed asking questions of candidates Mac Raslan, Suzanne Mackey, and Ronnie Knittel. Watch the whole thing over on Rumble.

This week at the Chronicle…

I haven’t written as many articles as usual, since I’ve been recorded and posting candidate interviews. On Monday, I wrote about how these discussions have made me realize that a lot of the divide within the Idaho Republican Party stem from how we talk past each other. This article was not a call for compromise, but for conversation.

On Tuesday I posted my speech to the Valley County Lincoln Day Dinner in which I urged attendees to not allow values or principles to become excuses that keep you from doing what you know is right.

Finally, on Wednesday I took a look at some of the organizations that have chosen to endorse candidates in this election cycle. Who are they? Who do they claim to represent? What do they hope to gain with these endorsements?

The Gem State Chronicle also posts many guest editorials and press releases. This week it featured an essay by Senate candidate Christy Zito about mob rule versus a republic, Idaho GOP chair Dorothy Moon’s weekly column looking at the definition of a Republican, and Attorney General Raúl Labrador shared how his office is fighting back against the Biden Administration’s woke agenda.

I have a few more guest articles in the hopper. Editorials are published at the discretion of the editor (that’s me) so feel free to send me anything you want published.

In other news…

Erik Prince has experienced things most of us can never imagine. He wrote a long essay for IM1776 this week looking at what has gone wrong with the military / industrial complex over the past few decades.

Auron MacIntyre took a look at the new anti-semitism bill that passed the House of Representatives last week. While it’s not quite as bad as some critics claim (you won’t be arrested on the street for reading the Bible) it’s still a very bad precedent with regards to free speech and civil rights law:

Auron also recorded a long video that hit the same notes as my Valley County speech and is very much worth your time:

Matthew Todd is a local video producer who has been interviewing political figures throughout the Treasure Valley. He recently recorded talks with candidates for Ada County Commissioner. Check them all out, starting with his conversation with Branden Durst:

Finally, just because he was on fire this week, Auron MacIntyre also had a great conversation with the pseudonymous writer of Domestic ExtremistPeachy Keenan, who reveals the sinister right wing plot to win the future by having children:

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