Local Independent Media & Introducing the Merch Store

I had the day off from interviews today so I spent some time catching up on other media. I want to share with you some of the other local outlets that are doing great work in the Gem State, as well as announce new merchandise at the Chronicle.

First up, KunaPod by Jefferson Kim. He dives deep into public meetings and political information, especially as it relates to south Ada County. A great resource. Jefferson has been a supporter of this platform almost since the beginning. Today he turned a critical eye on Ada County Commissioner candidate Clyde Dornier:

Another great source is Local Yocal Idaho. Tyler and John post regular episodes examining not only political issues but also local goings-on throughout the state. It’s a well produced show, so check it out:

Devin Miller’s channel Liberty Snippets is a great place to find video from political events throughout the Treasure Valley. You’ve probably seen him filming before — this is where you can see the results. Here’s a recent episode from an event hosted by Sen. Brian Lenney:

Find all these and more linked directly from the Chronicle!

Also at the Chronicle is the new merch store. Right now it’s just mugs and stickers, but I hope to have more items available soon. This is a great way to support my work and get something tangible in return. I’ve always liked mugs, because I drink so much tea, so that’s where I started.

If you have any ideas for other things I can sell, let me know. It doesn’t just have to be logo items, could be t-shirts with silly public domain memes as well. What do you want to see?

Paid subscribers, scroll down past the paywall for a special coupon code that will save you more than half the price on your first order!

I appreciate everyone’s support and will have some new candidate interviews to release tomorrow!

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