Letters to the Editor: 5/15/24

It seems incredible to me. I reviewed Sunshine reports from a dozen State Senators. One thing stood out to me that I think needs to be brought to light. Senator Chuck Winder in his very own 2022 Campaign Disclosure Reports found at the Secretary of State’s office, show something that defies logic. He won his May 2022 Primary.  From June 1st to November 2nd he reported spending $33,000 for travel expenses to cover his District for the November election. That amount staggers the mind since District 20 isn’t more than 10 miles across, and Chuck’s home couldn’t have been more than 20 minutes away anywhere in the District. That’s $6,600 a month in travel expenses. What adds to the incredibility of this, Chuck had no one running against him in the November 2022 election. He was unopposed. Then to top it off he spent another $2,600 in December, after the election had already passed, $1,303.98 to Alaska Airlines. What airports are in District 20 that Alaska airlines services? Smile and say PAC MONEY! 

Dan Proskine
Kamiah, Idaho

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