Ada County Republicans Denounce Mischaracterization of PCs’ Role in Party

[BOISE] — In a recent radio interview on 107.9 FM, one of the leaders of the “Gem State Conservatives” minimized the responsibilities of our hard-working volunteer Precinct Committeemen by calling them “balloon blower uppers” and “cookie bakers”.

The Ada County Republican Party strongly disagrees with this intentional mischaracterization of the important role PCs play in directing the platform and policies of the Republican Party. We want to express our heartfelt thanks to all of our incredible PCs who are currently doing the hard work of campaigning.

“Gem State Conservatives” is not a Republican-affiliated group and they have openly admitted to supporting candidates who are not actually Republicans.

We encourage all Republicans to listen to this interview and determine for themselves how best to interpret the endorsements from the “Gem State Conservatives”:

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