What a week. So far I’ve recorded interviews with 20 candidates for Legislature, which is barely a drop in the bucket out of the total number but it’s a lot for me. I’ve enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and having conversations with a variety of people, whose only thing in common is their willingness to stand for public office.

Why have only two been posted thus far? To be as fair as possible I decided to publish the interviews from each race at the same time, and I’ve only completed one full race thus far. However, I’m going to follow up with those I haven’t heard back from and eventually post the ones I have. Stay tuned!

This week at the Chronicle…

Interviews with Chuck Lowman and Cornel Rasor are live on the Primary Pulse for House district 1 seat B. Click here to check them out. I’ve also started adding district maps to each page. Let me know what else you think might be useful to voters.

On Monday I followed up my piece on Idaho Chooses Life by looking at ways in which organizations experience mission creep, especially when their initial goal is successful.

On Wednesday I looked at a story from Gem County involving a sheriff’s race and the governor’s son.

Finally, I posted an update on the candidate interview process, explaining my goals for the project:

In other news…

Curtis Yarvin is a political philosopher who once wrote under the pseudonym Mencius Moldbug. He continues to think outside the box, proposing a monarchical presidency structured like a tech startup. Before you immediately dismiss the idea, consider that the problem with Donald Trump’s first term was in how he was unable to exert control over the Executive Branch, which the president ostensibly runs. Food for thought, in any case.

Auron MacIntyre recorded an interview last week with Jeremy Carl, senior fellow at the Claremont Institute and longtime political thinker. Carl has a new book looking at how anti-white racism has pervaded our society, and what we can do to restore equality under the law:

Tim Pool hosted Adam Johnson, also known as the Lectern Guy, on his Thursday evening show. They discussed the increasingly lawless efforts of the Biden Administration and likeminded state governments to criminalize dissent:

Finally, whatever happened to Red Lobster? Growing up as I did, I always considered it on the higher end of restaurants, and still enjoyed visiting once in a while. Apparently there is no room for casual seafood in America anymore. Sic transit gloria mundis.

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