BREAKING: Boise Schools Plot Against New Laws

There is a war going on, but what’s at stake is not land, but the hearts, minds, and souls of our nation’s children. The radical left desperately wants to expose our children to deviant ideas about gender and sexuality at increasingly younger ages. Public schools have become the front line for this war, as leftist organizations have successfully infiltrated these respected institutions with ideas that would have been dismissed as nonsensical just a few years ago.

An email sent out this morning by the Boise School District proves that yet again:

Dear Boise School District Parents and Staff,

Earlier this week, Governor Little signed into law three bills that have caused concern and confusion for many of us. House Bill 421, revised the definitions of sex and gender; House Bill 538, restricts the use of preferred pronouns; and, of course, House Bill 710a, restricting the availability of materials in libraries. 

Each bill on its own presents a number of troubling consequences for students and staff. However, when combined they add unnecessary obstacles to our values of respect and dignity, as well as to our commitment to fostering a sense of welcoming, belonging and connectedness for all students. Obstacles that we will overcome together.

Over the next few weeks, we will be working closely with our school librarians, social workers, counselors and principals to develop student-focused strategies and guidelines. We will also be conducting a detailed legal analysis. While there is very little good news regarding the new legislation, the fact that they do not go into effect until July 1, 2024, does give us time to explore all of our options. 

Thank you for your dedication to the success of our students, our schools and our community.

Coby Dennis, Superintendent
Boise School District

Note how the superintendent uses positive words such as respect, dignity, welcoming, belonging, and connectedness. Yet what is he really talking about? What is he defending?

House Bill 710 allows concerned parents to submit a form explaining if anything in the library meets the national standard for materials harmful to minors. Are such materials in Idaho libraries? You bet. Last year, Anna Miller with the Idaho Freedom Foundation documented some of these books in excruciating detail. She exposed how a local high school librarian deliberately sought out obscene materials to put on her shelves. She also called out the Boise School District itself for sponsoring training events to indoctrinate teachers in a radical gender ideology.

House Bills 421 and 538 deal with reality. As Travis Lohr of Kellogg High School said last year, “guys are guys, girls are girls, and there’s no in-between.” Sure, there are a small percentage of people born with genuine chromosomal disorders, but that’s not what this is about, and Coby Dennis knows it. This is about a social contagion that teaches young people that they can change their gender by changing their name, their mode of dress, or through irreversible drugs and surgeries.

Many parents still believe that public schools are a place of learning, a place where children are taught what they need to know to be successful citizens in the American Republic. This email from the Boise School District reveals the truth. Our culture has declared war on reality, and if we are not careful, our children will be the casualties.

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