Bennett Challenges Rep. McCann to Debate

Moscow, IDAHO – April 1, 2024 – Republican Colton Bennett who is challenging Rep. Lori McCann for her seat in next month’s primary election has issued a formal challenge for her to debate him. Bennett sent a letter to the McCann campaign Monday morning laying out the proposed terms of such a debate:

  1. Location and venue may be chosen by the McCann campaign, as long as it is able to reasonably accommodate a debate and audience and is physically in the district.
  2. The Bennett campaign is willing to cover all reasonable expenses of the debate.
  3. The date and time must be agreed upon by both candidates.
  4. The debate will have two moderators, one chosen by each campaign. Moderators will propose a format for the debate which will then be approved by both campaigns.
  5. Topics may be agreed upon prior to the debate but questions will only be known by the moderators.
  6. The debate will be recorded and the Press is invited.
  7. If the McCann campaign would like to hold more than one debate, at several locations, the Bennett campaign is agreeable to this. Same terms as above.

Lori McCann has come under significant scrutiny by those in her party. On Thursday, March 28th the District 6 Central Committee voted 22-3 to endorse Bennett over McCann in the upcoming primary.

“I am grateful for the party’s endorsement but now we need to make our case to the voters” said Bennett “I am hopeful that Rep. McCann will give voters the opportunity to hear both sides of this campaign by holding a public debate. She can pick the location and I’ll pay the bill.”

Bennett, a US Army veteran and Moscow resident, launched his campaign in September touting his conservative values including a pro-life stance, opposition to dam removal, and a pledge to reduce property taxes.

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