THURSDAY ROUNDUP: Here Comes the Sun

It’s a sunny 53 degrees in Boise right now, a reminder that winter never lasts forever. Neither do legislative sessions, at least in Idaho. This week marks the deadline for the introduction of RS’s, so from here on out our lawmakers will be considering the bills they have on the table.

It will also make it easier for me to keep up with the Session Snapshot.

This afternoon while I was producing Capitol Clarity for Idaho Freedom Foundation I learned that the Senate had defeated S1289 by one vote. This new library bill, a compromise between Rep. Jaron Crane and Sen. Geoff Schroeder, disappointed both sides. The left has proven they will accept no oversight at all regarding library materials, while the right said the bill was so weak it was worse than useless. This shows the potential danger of compromise, especially on an issue that so many people feel so passionately about.

The House could still bring up H384, Rep. Crane’s original bill, but other than that it looks like we might have to wait another year for legislation regarding harmful materials in schools and libraries.

Speaking of Capitol Clarity, check out Greg Pruett’s presentation today. He shared how his organization, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, is working to protect and strengthen our right to self defense in Idaho:

Speaking of Pruett, he cohosts a weekly podcast with Dustin Hurst called Freedom Bros. Greg was out last week so Dustin asked me to fill in at the last minute. We spoke with Faye Thompson, candidate for the Legislature in District 8:

Subscribe to their channels so you don’t miss future episodes. Dustin and Greg will be back at 9pm tonight to talk with Christopher Boyd, who is running for Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney. They might have a few surprise guests as well:

TimcastIRL had Cliff Maloney on earlier this week. Maloney worked with Young Americans for Liberty and then founded Citizens Alliance, which does great work in Idaho. This makes the third time that someone I’ve met in person has been on Timcast, which was fun. Near the end, Maloney recognized Idaho for leading the way with the new maintenance budget process:

Finally, make sure you check out the Gem State Chronicle every day for new content. This week I’ve published editorials by Bob Shillingstad on the negative influence of teacher’s unions and Karey Hanks on how labels are used to demonize patriotic conservatives. Do you have something you want to share with the world? Drop me a line at

Stay tuned for more content. I plan to write about the proposed Article V Convention of States as well as a truly awful editorial by Senate candidate Laurie Lickley, and much more. Remember to subscribe via Substack to get every post in your inbox, while paid subscribers support my work and get exclusive notes and content.

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